Safety first, so you last!

       Mr Sebastine is a very smart and intelligent man, he had just finished his degree course in the United State of America. He returned back to Nigeria to start a career in engineering. He got employment in an engineering firm where he could apply all he studied in school.

 One day, Mr.Sebastine and team members went out to conduct a site survey. While trying to access the roof in a hurry, Mr Sebastine did not pay attention to the electric fence and the confined space available to mount a ladder. As he was raising the ladder all by himself, and without wearing a protective glove, the ladder came in contact with the electric fence, resulting in him being electrocuted This almost killed Mr Sebastine, in the long run, his hands were amputated.

    This could have been avoided if Mr Sebastine used the right protection equipment.


  • Lack  of proper supervision
  • Unconsciousness of the environment
  • Lack of protective gloves.
  • Lack of teamwork

A prevention plan should have included:

  • Proper supervision before the survey
  • Awareness of the hazards present in the work environment
  • Wearing proper personal protection equipment
  • Emphasis on teamwork

       In conclusion, simple negligence could be fatal, it could be as simple as not wearing protective gloves. At Sunhive Limited, safety is a core value because life matters.