Myths about solar panels

Some of the most commonly held misconceptions about solar energy are that solar panels are too expensive, do not work in cloudy weather and that they are unreliable. However, it will now be explained why this is not in fact the case.

Cost: The issue of cost speaks for itself as it is now possible to obtain panels for free through schemes such as that offered by Sunhive. Even if you do buy your own panels, government incentives such as the UK’s feed-in-tariff, reduced electricity bills and increased house value still make solar energy an economical option.

Weather: Many would be surprised to learn that Germany is the world’s solar capital. In fact, if there is enough light to see your hand in front of your face, then solar panels are able to function. This is because they work from UV light, which is unaffected by cloud cover. Also the electricity is actually conducted more efficiently in cooler climates meaning you do not need to live in a place of endless daily sunshine to enjoy the benefits of solar energy.

Reliability: Frequently people worry that they cannot be assured their panels will always work, however, the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory has hailed solar energy as “the most reliable source of electric power ever invented.”As home solar panels are not reliant on the grid, they are not subject to power outages and having no moving parts there is little to maintain or go wrong. It is for this reason as well as the low cost that solar is used on vital systems such as aircraft warning signals and railway crossings.

As solar technology is constantly developing, more problems will turn to solutions and it is important to remember that what may have been an issue in years past could have already found its solution.