British Gas Raise Prices Yet Again

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Free solar panels could stopmounting energy prices from leaving us with nothing.
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British Gas announced today that they would be raising their prices again, in addition to the 7% increase that happened in December. The price hike, which will take effect on the 18th August, will put electricity up by 16% and gas by 18%. Overall it has been predicted that prices could go up by as much as 24% with a minimum increase of 12%. Household bills are now forecasted to increase by up to £200 per year as a result.

Taking into account the price increase in December, British Gas have now raised their prices by 25% in the past 12 months, the first double price increase in a single year since prices peaked in 2008. Wholesale prices have risen by 30% over the winter however and British Gas have actually made a loss over the past 2 months. They have still made significant profits over the year. British Gas are not the first of ‘the big 6’ to make a price increase this time around; Sottish Power recently announced a 19% rise in gas prices and 10% increase in electricity. It is expected that others will soon follow.

British Gas owners Centrica blame a volatile energy market and instability in the Middle East for the rising prices as does energy secretary Chris Huhne who sees this news as a prime justification to work harder to reduce Britian’s “fossil fuel addiction”. Ann Robinson, consumer policy director of price comparison website Uswitch claims that the ‘days of cheap energy are over’ and we need to start thinking about what do do about it now, rather than when prices have already gone through the roof. One good option to take, as well as increasing the energy efficiency of your home, would be to see if your house is eligible for free solar panels as the more energy prices rise, the more money you will be saving.