Sunhive provides property owners with the opportunity to integrate renewable solar energy on to their property without having to call upon limited capital or management resources.

Property owners get access to renewable energy while eliminating hassles and risk.

– Gbenga Kogbe (CEO of Sunhive Ltd).

Sunhive undertakes all requirements of the project including financial, planning, development, engineering, installation, technical support and grid connectivity.

What are the principal requirements?

  • A property with flat or maximum 10 degree pitch roof area in excess of 400 meters squared
  • A structurally sound roof construction of preferably less than 20 years old (not asbestos)
  • The capacity to deliver a 25 year lease or owner occupation
  • A high on-site energy consumption
  • An energy performance certificate (EPC) for the¬†building
  • Planning permission – should not be necessary in most cases, more information here.

What are the benefits?

The key benefits include:

  • Immediate access to electricity from an on-site Solar PV installation with no capital or managerial cost
  • Discounted fixed price renewable power for 25 years
  • An ability to replace a significant fraction of your power needs with electricity generated on-site
  • Immediate ability to demonstrate green renewable credentials, whatever your business
  • Peace of mind that your renewable power supply is being developed and managed by an experienced company with funding from the UK’s leading green technology investors.

What system sizes do you consider?

The system size is determined by a few factors including the roof size, the amount of electricity used on site, investment criteria of investors etc. Typically, we seek to install a system with a peak rating of over 45kWp and under 250kWp on commercial property. It should be noted that we aim to optimize the use of roof space to ensure that the most cost effective renewable energy can be generated maximizing the amount of power available to the site owner, while minimizing site disturbance and ongoing maintenance disturbance.

What is the nature of the deal?

The deal involves a lease arrangement, so you need to be able to grant a lease on the air space above your roof. Typically we offer two types of lease arrangement to the site owner:

  1. Power purchase agreement  with the site. The first option is to offer the generated energy to the site owner at a fixed and reduced rate for the 25 year life of the contract. This reduced energy tariff will be replacing the lease fee.
  2. Direct lease of the roof. In this second option the roof is simply leased for the term of the contract and generated power is sold to the grid independently of the site owner.

What do I do now?

Either call us on 01273 256429 or fill out the contact form to give us the basic details to perform a desk top survey on your site. Once we have completed this initial desk top survey, we will contact you to arrange a site visit, or discuss the different options open to you.