Sell house but keep the feed-in-tariffs

We operated as a “free solar” company before we moved our focus from residential solar to commercial and industrial scale solar projects. We sometimes get enquiries from individuals about leasing roofs to themselves before they sell their homes, that way they hope to keep onto the feed-in-tariffs.┬áIdeally, the solar panels are sold with the house and the previous owner is compensated for his or her investment. However, new buyers are still not always keen on paying a solar premium.

There are several obligations a “free solar” company needs to meet to ensure that the lease is inline with the requirements of mortgage lenders. A good source of information is can be found here. ┬áIf in doubt, contact us and we might be able to point you in the direction. We do have a lease that you might want to look at here, but you still need to get legal advice on this….an be in a position to meet your obligations (maintenance and insurance of the solar PV system etc) as a tenant on the roof.