How can tenants get solar panels?

What can you do if you are a tenant in a house and would like to have solar panels fitted? You will of course have to do this through your landlord and some may be more compliant than others. In order to obtain their agreement, the best thing to do will be to provide them with a clear outline of what the advantages are, especially in financial terms.

Firstly through using a scheme such as that offered by Sunhive, there need not be any initial financial outlay for the landlord as that is paid for by investors who receive the money generated by the feed in tariff. A price can then be negotiated with your landlord to pay them for the electricity generated by the panels that you use. An immediate financial reward will provide a prime reason for a landlord to agree to the fitting of solar panels but if this rate is cheaper than current green energy tariffs there is also a good incentive for the tenant.

In the South, 100% renewable company Good Energy charge roughly 14p per kWh of electricity and Green Energy’s 100% renewable tariff costs around 13p per kWh in Sussex. Therefore if you were to offer your landlord 6p per kWh for the electricity you use from the panels, they would receive extra income for no money or effort and you would receive green electricity for less than half the usual price.

A further concern to a landlord will be how the fitting of panels will affect the value of the property but they can be assured that a study by the Energy Savings Trust suggests that the value will increase, a further reason to assent to the fitting of panels.