Looking for free solar panels? Here’s where to go.

Free solar panels for homes
Photograph: Alamy; Source: The Guardian

Note: Since this article was written, Sunhive has launched a scheme to offer free solar power to home owners in Sussex.

So far there are 3 companies offering free solar panels in the UK. This is such a straight forward proposition for both home owners and investors, that we are sure to see a few more players appearing on the scene.

Essentially, home owners give investors the right to make returns of over 10% by “renting out” their roofs. Home owners “get paid” by receiving free electricity and investors get paid by receiving the feed-in-tariffs from energy suppliers.

If home owners have access to capital, then it is obvious that they should also consider being investors too.

The 3 companies that currently offer “free solar panels” include (Sunhive and):

  1. Isis solar
  2. A Shade Greener Ltd
  3. HomeSun ltd

These companies are currently being overwhelmed with the demand, and face the challenge of delivering on their promises within a reasonable time frame.

To get a better idea of what is involved, you should find these three articles, here, here and here, quite useful.